Project updateΒΆ

On the toolbar, select the database source, basing on which pgCodeKeeper project will be updated.

On the task panel, click Get changes. After a short wait, the list of differences with indication of change type will be displayed on the differences panel.


Select To project as the direction of changes, tick the necessary changes. After you click Apply, you will see the Confirm Project Update dialogue window.


Check the list of objects selected by the user and the list of dependent objects. Be careful! Excluding dependence objects from the update can lead to errors and unexpected results.

If instead of changing the objects themselves you need to save overrides of their properties (for example privileges), select the corresponding option. This can be done only for the objects with the edit change type.

Click OK to confirm the applying of changes to the project. If successful, pgCodeKeeper console will display a corresponding message.

Project file update resets the differences list.