CLI version

As an alternative for Eclipse IDE plug-in, it is possible to compare database schemas by using command line. To do this, you should download pgCodeKeeper-cli application, which works in stand-alone mode.

Console build of the program can be used for:

  • creating a pgCodeKeeper “project” from file structure dump (without Eclipse project)
  • creating migration scripts using pgCodeKeeper dumps and file strucutres
  • creating migration scripts using database connections

Getting Started

The latest version of cli build can be downloaded here. In the unpacked archive use files for parameter passing: for Linux systems and pgcodekeeper-cli.bat for Windows systems.

You can view the set of parameters available for work with the program by executing the command:

./ --help


./ -o /home/codekeeper/projects/diff.sql 'jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/testdb1?user=user&password=password' /home/codekeeper/projects/test1/

After executing this command, migration script of the differences from the project in the test1 directory into the testdb1 database on the localhost:5432 server will be written into the diff.sql file.

./ /home/codekeeper/backup.sql /home/codekeeper/projects/test1/

After executing this command, the console will display migration script from the backup file into the project in the test1 directory.