Updating remote databaseΒΆ

On the toolbar, set the parameters for getting a DB schema basing on which a DDL script for applying changes to the remote database will be generated.

On the action panel, click Get changes. After a short wait, the list of objects with indication of change type will be displayed on the differences panel.


Tick off the objects we would like to update and click Apply to database.

When script generation is finished, SQL editor will open. Check the generated script, make changes manually if needed.


For applying the migration script to the database, you must specify the method of its execution. Updating via JDBC is used by default. If you want to use another utility or bootup options it is possible to use the command customizible on the settings page DB update.


After selecting the update method and entering the necessary parameters, click Update DDL or use hotkey (Ctrl + Alt + R by default). Migration script will be applied to the specified database. If successful, a corresponding message will appear in the pgCodeKeeper console.

For bigger flexibility, there is an opportunity of migration of a selected fragment of code.