Contribution of the participants

This product is created with participation of many people. Here you’ll see the people who contributed to the product development.


  • Sergei Mokeev

Dmitry Novgorodov’s and Andrei Volodin’s contribution to the shaping of concepts and ideas deserves an honorable mention as well.


  • Andrew Saushkin - product and sometimes project management


  • Alexander Levsha

  • Mansur Galiev

  • Lenar Shamsutdinov

  • Anatoly Botov

  • Anton Ryabinin

  • Anton Akifiev

  • Gulnaz Khazieva

  • Mikhail Tavturin

  • Ildar Shaydullin

  • Danil Sikorsky

  • Elmir Shamsutdinov

Website design and layout

  • Gulnaz Khazieva

  • Vasily Demakov

Documentation Translation

  • Kirill Pigin

  • We are in search of contributors who would translate the documentation.